funny vehicles in secondlife (kabuki's item)

This is a transparent vehicle for a couple.


funny vehicles in secondlife (kabuki’s item)


You can take hands, lift up, piggyback, etc.


*walk style ... 4 pattern ( normal, lift up, puggyback, skip )
*Anime pose ... 6 pattern




Couple Walker(vehicle) ... couple walker. a transparent vehicle.
Update Card for Couple Walker ... This is an item for update Copule Walker. If there is newst version is available, please wear and touch this.




***How to use
Please rez this on percel and, Right-click and select Ride.
First person do male action. Second person do female action.
When first person ride, other person can ride second seat.




**How to Control Player 1
Arrow key ... forward/back/turn right and left
PageUp ... Jump / (push long) ... turn to fly mode
PageDOwn ... Speed up / (push long) ... pop MENU


(when you are fly)
Arrow key ... turn forward/back/right/left
PageUp ... turn vertical.
PageDown ... SpeedUp / (push long) ... pop MENU




**How to Control Player 2
Arrow key ... forward/back/turn right and left
Pageup ... turn vertical


*You can fly.


DISP_SEAT ... display the seat.
CLEAR_SEAT ... disappear the seat.
DRIVER ... set to OWNER( only owner can ride 1P seat) or, EVERYONE( Everyone can ride1P seat.)
ANIME ... select action( hud, sleep on her leg, sit on ground... etc)
WALK ... select walk style from chain your hands / lift up / piggyback / skip .
SIT_ADJUST ... adjust position of 1P.






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